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Help!, 2x3870 crossfire not working

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May 14, 2008 9:19:13 AM

Trying to setup crossfire with 2 3870 cards but its not working.

Mobo = Gigabyte EX38 DS4

1st Card -> 3870 HIS IceQ3
2nd Card -> 3870 Powercolor (pre overlcocked card).

i have made some observations. its nothing do with drivers, as i cant even reach that stage.

Right now i have no Ati drivers istalled. In device manager it shows 2 display adapters.

When I connect the CF bridges, the HIS card becomes a retard and crippled and doesnt show in device manager anymore. I flashed the bios of the HIS to the powercolor to make it same speeds. I switched the cards around. Nothing has helped. Same issue. With the CF bridges on, the HIS fan runs at 100% speed and no display then.

Cant tell from Powercolor card as the fan is fixed at 100%, but there is display even with teh CF bridges. So im thinkin right now, that maybe something is wrong with the HIS card?

The powercolor card runs fine with or without the CF bridges

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May 14, 2008 11:37:17 AM

Once you have installed the first card on windows and installed the ati drivers shutdown the comp. Place the 2nd card in, connect the bridge and boot up making sure both your pci-e are available in the BIOS if you have this option?

Once you boot up for the 1st time with both cards fitted it is likely you will be required to install the drivers again. This time the Crossfire option will be available in the Catalyst Control Center.

You shouldn't need to flash the BIOS of your gfx cards as it'll just run as fast as the slowest card!

Since you've flashed the HIS i would double check it still works as a primary gfx card before installing the Powercolor as the slave. Both cards even when in Crossfire should be visible in Device Manager. If your not seeing the HIS as being fitted either the mobo BIOS PCI-E aren't on auto or may need to be set to dual gfx.

If the HIS doesn't work as a single card RMA it. If it does it'll be summit not set right on your comp most likely.
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May 14, 2008 12:20:12 PM

If the HIS does not work, get a PCI video card, put it in the computer, change the bios to PCI video and reflash the HIS with the proper bios.
Go back in the bios, change video to PCI-E and try the HIS.
May 14, 2008 4:07:04 PM

well i tried everything short of throwing the card away. Alone the HIS works fine.

What i did, that i was in bios (the computer was running) and i connected the CF bridge. I restarted the computer and it worked. I enabled crossfire and ran 3dmark06.

However if i shut the pc and put back on, same issues, the HIS becomes a dud and the fan is at full blast. It does not show in device manager either. Only when there is no CF bridge does both show in device manager.
Im really pissed as i just got the HIS back after 2 months RMA, and now this.

Will ring the store tomorrow and give them a blasting. I hope i can get a refund, card has been buggy the day i bought it.