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I am having huge problems with my D-Link DIR-100 router.

The router is just horrible. There are those rare times when everything works perfectly. But most of the time the connection will just start to work extremely slow every few minutes. The connection gets "stuffed"... webpages stop loading, disconects from messenger and multiplayer games, ...

I am not using P2P programs, nor do I download some huge amounts of data.


I open imageshack.us ... everything works fine, page loads under a second.

Few moments later I try and open it again.
It doesn't work. The page just stands still (see the picture below). I try to ping the website, I get response, but page just won't load.


If I wait a few more minutes then it works again.

If I reboot the router everything will be ok for a few minutes, and the suddenly these "spikes" of extremely slow connection occur.

I tried to upgrade firmware on my D-Link router (upgraded from 1.02 to 1.12). And everything was fine for a week or so. But now, I have the same problems.

Router is connected to Switch (provided by my ISP). If I connect my computer directly to Switch, the connection is beyond perfect. Everything works fine all the time. But as soon as I plug my cable back to router I start getting this annoying problems.
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  1. Have you considered buying a new router?
  2. Yes I did. I was looking around, which routers are good and I can get a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 MIMO for a rather ok price.

    But I really want to be sure if it is only D-Link router's fault? I mean what is different about better routers?

    I don't have any firewall rules... I even put myself in DMZ zone. And I still have these problems. Weren't routers just suppose to "divide one IP to more"? Why do they "temper" with connection? What is the source of these problems in D-Link router?

    I don't know much about networking and routers. So I am sorry I am asking questions that are hard to answer. But I am just a type of person that wants to understand things, it's driving me crazy and I really want to get to the very bottom of the problem. :X
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