New Urgent Motherboard Purchase - Please Help!

I am in a sudden need of a brand new motherboard.

My old motherboard was nVidia 680i SLI, and I need a new one to replace it.

However, I don't plan on going SLI - I prefer using a single card at a time.

Here's my list of components that the motherboard needs to accomodate:

CPU: Intel QX6700
Cabinet: Silverstone Temjin 09
GFX: EVGA GeForce 8800 GTX KO ACS3
Audio: Creative SB X-Fi Elite
RAM: 4 x 1 GB Crucial PC6400 800 Mhz
PSU: Silverstone Zeus 850W

Any other components needed?

I am looking for help to find out what my new motherboard should be. I bought my old motherboard last summer, so surely there's cool new stuff on the market.

I need URGENT help with this, as I have to order it later today!

Could you guys help me out and recommend some of the best motherboards out there right now? I prefer ASUS motherboards as they have always been great and satisfied my needs, but all advices are very much appreciated!

Thanks A LOT!

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  1. If you're going to sli, EVGA 780i. Otherwise, P45 like GA-EP45-DS3L or DS3R (RAID), or P5Q-E.
  2. Cool. Perhaps you could mention a few recommendable P45 boards besides the Gigabyte one?

  3. Done!

    I need my computer badly, so I chose to go with a motherboard they already had in stock down in the shop:

    nForce 780i SLI 775 A1 Version

    I did this because I did not want to wait a week or more for one of the really nice P45 motherboards.

    I might even go SLI later on, as well.

    I just hope I made a good decision.

    Thanks to everyone!

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