Back in the OC. e5200 build up.

I'm back in the saddle after a long haitus. My last ground up build was an abit bp6 dual celeron 300 oc'd to 400. I switched teams for the last 8 years or so, but I just completed the following build for $575. Antec 900, E5200, EVGA 750i FTW, EVGA 9800GT (512Mb), OCZ Reaper 1066, NeoPower 500 modular, Zalman 9500, Seagate 320 'Cuda SATA.

By following online guides here on Tom's I've been able to achieve the following OC:
3.33@12.5x266 vcore 1.320 (I have been slowly lowering vcore one click at a time then Preme95ing)
Tmax at 100% 49C. I have Primed chip over 18 hours at the current settings. I have been logging all changes and building a nice record so far.

I want to move up the scale but I am a bit unsure of myself at this point. Mostly with the relationship between FSB/Memory. Phoenix bios has 'linked, unlinked, auto', then the different ratios.

Can you guys give me a roadmap to climb the ladder. I want to learn how to do this the right way and not 'guess' and take unnecessary risks along the way.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I felt the question was a bit unclear, are you looking to decrease the fsb:ram ratio and achieve a 1:1 (or as close to it as possible) or are you looking to unlink it and increase the fsb on its own ?

    Unlinking is the easier of the two solutions...
  2. well for stabilty id always keep the fsb and mem speed linked, then depending on your mem speed you can use a dividor if you want to use ure ram to its full speed although u wont see much difference. then its just a case of what you have been doing so far raise the fsb and the voltage untill either the temps, or voltages hold you back or your satisfied with the speed.
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