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Im looking to buy a new video card, my old 7900gtx has lasted me for about a year, but with the increase of DX 10 games coming out, and the point that I have 64 bit os vista ultimate, I'd like to get a card that will last me around a year or two again.Here are my PC specs now.

Cpu: e6300 over clocked at 2.2 ghz
Ram: 4gigs of ddr2 gskill
Video Card: BFG 7900 GTX
PSU: 600 WAT
HD: Raid 160/160 gig
Mobo: P5N-E 650i SLI

I usually run games at 1280-1024, those would Include COD4, LOTRO, Age of Conan, HL2 ect. My spending range is about 100-150$. What I can't decide is whether to get a 9600, 8800gt, 8800gs, 8800gts 320/640. I've done a a little research, but I'd figure I'd get more from personal experience than stats.I wouldn't mind raising my budget either if it was a decent performance upgrade for like 20-30 bucks.
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  1. If you have to get one now, I would recommend the 8800GT or 8800GTS 512.
    The older 8800GTS 320/640 is not really worth getting now.
    Basically it goes 9600GT < 8800GTS 320 < 8800GTS 640 < 8800GT < 8800GTS 512

    If you can wait another month, Ati and probably nVidia will have their new offerings out.
    When that happens you can bet all current cards will drop nicely in price.
  2. Read this first:,1923.html
    Throw out the 8800 320/640. Older tech and not worth the money.
    The 8800GS is a decent card for the price, but it was released really as a OEM card and has had some of it's legs cut out from under it, so to speak.

    A 8800GT (512) would suit your needs nicely.

    If you can afford to spend more, the 8800GTS (G92) 512 meg card is a little faster, runs cooler, and overclocks very, very well, and will help if you really like to crank up the eye candy. You can find them, depending on brand for $169 to $225 right now. Wouldn't be concerned about which brand, they are all the same reference design. Just get the cheapest.
  3. Good card, only $8 more brand new (after rebate) ;)
  4. I would go with an 8800GT 512Mb OR 9600GT but if you go cheaper I would get an 8800GS and overclock it or buy pre overclocked. The GS is a sweet spot card for price/performance and will play all of your current games and future for that fact.
  5. Could any one put some links to some 8800gt, 8800gs or 9600 that you could recommend?
  6. I believe that you are not willing to spend too much, so i reccomend the 9600GT, it is better than a GTS 320, and will be more than enough at that rez. It is the best bang for the buck since the 8800GT, or some Radeon 9 series card. 9800PRO. Its a good buy.
  7. I found this

    But my price range would probally be around 100-160 without shipping ect. About how long are these cards if any one knows, hopefully about the same as my BFG 7900 GTX.
  8. I also want to mention that in the future, I may go max a 19" widescreen. So most games will be played 1280-1024 or 1440-900 resolution. So how much of a performance improvement is it from 8800gts/8800gt/8800gs/9600gt
  9. I believe they are all pretty close but most situations they range 8800gts>8800gt>9600gt>8800gs
    from what i've seen screen size doesnt affect differences that much until you start going larger than a 19in, and then having dual cards in SLI really helps speed things up while other single cards bog down. any of those card should be great on a 19in

    I'm in pretty much the same situation as you, i'm trying to decide between the 8800gt 512 and the 9600gt 512

    my dilema is that I want to buy one now and upgrade later with a second one. I wanted to do that with my current card(7900gt) but shortly after I bought the first one the price went up instead of down then they dissapeared off the market completely. needless to say I never got my second 7900, until i bought one on ebay, which then didnt work right but thats another story.

    the 8800gt is the same price and more powerful than a 9600gt, but i'm afraid it will dissapear soon like the 7900gt did when the newer card come out
    that MSI that you linked looks good with a 2 slot config, i've heard problems with heat and noise on the reference 1slot cooler
  10. How much of a improvement am I looking at from 7900 gtx to 8800gt or 8800gs
  11. i think close to double the gaming power if you go with a 8800gt
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