skull trail motherboard cooling recommendations

i have
just finished building my new system

X 2 quad core x5460 3.16 ghz xeons
skull trail motherboard
new cpu heatsinks
8 gb crucial FB DIMM RAM
quadro FX 3700
COSMOS COOLMASTER 1100- A thing of bueaty
750 watt power supply
windows xp 64 bit
500 GB hard drive (chucked in my old ones as well)
new dvd drive

off the top of my head it cost me betwenn £ 2500 and £2700..including expenses (Shipping, transport etc)

thanks again people for the help... it was much appretiated

by the way i was thinking of getting a graphics card and dimm cooler.. (Maybe just the dimm cooler).... any recommendations.. i got 4 sticks of 2 GB.. do i need to get a specific one that wil be compatible with my motherboard and RAM type

hit me up with some recommendations
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  1. Ram doesnt need to be cooled as long as the case's airflow is up to par with how much heat your hardware generates, but you can easilly buy an OCZ XTC Ram cooler that just slides over 4 x 240pin ram slots and cools them by two x 60mm fans

    By dimm you do mean ram right? (sorry but i prefer using laymans terms for things)
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