Issues installing Vista with SLI-help please

I ever since I added another 4GB of ram to my system I've had a few issues with Nvidia drivers and a few lockups. I finally added my 2 9600GT today, and have had nothing but problems. Several BSODs with random messages. Tried several different drivers with no help. Crysis freezes and stutters. PCMark 06 and Vantage crashes. Finally go pissed off and decided to wipe it clean. Went to reinstall Vista and as it was in the final loading phase of completion, the system crashed giving me error code: WRQL equal or less something like that. So I took out 4 GB, since my system ran fine on just 4GB-same problem except no error code just a generic BSOD.

The only thing I can try at this point is running just one card for installation then adding the other after it is up and running. I really don't have a clue what could be causing all this instability, but it f'ing sucks.

Running the lastest bios P32 with all the lastest drivers, even tried betas trying to clear up the problem. Even tried to up the voltage on ram up to 2.1, No luck. any suggestions before I take the Glock and Benelli to it would appreciate it.

EVGA N68 680i SLI
8GB OCZ Reaper 1066mhz
Asus 9600GT Silent SLI
PC Power 750w Quad
Raptor 150GB
2xRaptor 74GB
X-FI X-treme gamer
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  1. I will give that a shot, thanks. I'm trying to install with just 4GB and one card in and see what happens. If that doesn't work I going to see if EVGA tech support can help.
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