What to use? ATI or NVDIA graphics card for "X" mobo

My main concern right now is that if I want to buy a Intel Quad CPU and a Gigabyte mobo. Havent decided on the motherboard yet since im waiting for a nicely priced one.

My experience with my old Asus AMD motherboard was that it KILLED my 6600 nvdia card in under a year. TWICE. But once i moved over to an ATI X1600 card, it works like a charm.

Now i am using a Samsung 22 inch monitor and I've observed that my oldie comp plus its old agp graphics card aint cutting it. Well more like its getting old.

Anyways, I'm more concerned now about what motherboard to use in conjunction with the graphics card since I do not want a repeat of what killed my 6600.

Far as i know there shouldn't be a problem with nvidia and an intel mobo. But is there a specific NEED for me to keep in mind about motherboards and graphic card compatibility in general? I like to at least have a mobo which can use nvdia or ati cards.
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  1. Your motherboard in no way shape or form "killed" you video card just because it was an Nvidia card, or any other card for that matter. Most likely just very bad luck, and I personally didn't think much of Nvida cards until they came out with 7 series. Never had much luck with them lasting very long either. I am currently for instance running a 8800GTS (G92) on a DFI Crossfire 3200CFX board and it works beautifully, oveclocks like mad with no heating or video problems what-so-ever. Greatly huge improvement over the X1950Pro I had previously.

    Anyway, unless you are going to use Crossfire or SLI, the chipset on the motherboard makes absolutely no difference. If you want to run Crossfire or SLI, you must get a board with the correct supported chipset.

    As to what is the best video card for your needs, that is a whole other discussion....good luck with your new build!
  2. Possible. Well I just wanted to make sure really since if i plan to get a high end card i dont want to have to worry about it dying after the danged warranty.

    Nice to know since the place i returned the warranty kept arguing over "COMPATIBILITY" and stuff when nothing int he Asus website shows anything about it.

    One thing i did learn is its best to have the side panel removed especially since i live in a VERY hot and humid climate. :D Thanks again
  3. I had been using ATI for the past several years because of the troubles I had with Nvidia cards in the past as well. However, since I had been seeing only good things about the 8800 series, I bit the bullet and got one.
    Nvidia has redeemed it's self in my eyes anyway. The 8800 GTS 512 card I have now is by far the best GPU (well anyway right next to the X1950Pro in it's time) I have ever owned.
  4. Your video cards died fast because of the hot and humid climate, IMO. I usually prefer Gigabyte to Asus, but still, I don't think Asus did that to you. Maybe they did, but it's not very likely IMO. Or maybe your PSU did it. If it's junk it can kill other components.

    Your 22" monitor does not really require SLI or Crossfire. That is, most games work fine at 1680x1050 with a single 8800GTS G92 512MB.

    This means you can get a P35 motherboard rather than X38/750i/780i and save some money. The cheapest good mobo I can think of is the GA-P35-DS3L. Check it out. If you need more features, like RAID, eSATA, FireWire, a second PCI-E slot, etc. check out the GA-EP35-DS3R, aBit IP35 Pro, GA-EX38-DS4.
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