One question to all readers

just whant to know wy all the new ons how just ask for a bit of help to get going just get insulted or bad coment chucked at the isent what forume or about as thats what i think ther about any way all hear for some sort of help so come on you peaple how do this give us newbs a brake we all got to start somwher

plus id just like to give big respect and thanks to the ones how do give the help to the newboys aswell

( we all stat somwhare )
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  1. Can you please use proper ENGLISH wording which makes sense !!!!!!!!!
  2. that was terrible...and i've seen nothing of the short.

    Anyone who gets: "insulted or bad coment chucked at" is because they don't appreciate overclocking and expect there to be an easy answer, without reading any guides or paying their dues.

    Don't whine if you've been flammed for asking stupid questions...
  3. Well just take a look at your comments across these forums. This is what forums are supposed to be for to ask questions no matter how silly they might seem. Your attitudes suck towards people you donot know & who came here for a little help. Not to hear bigged up attitudes like the ones in here. Nice way to lose members & I`m not the only one thinking this way just take a look at other forums to see that some of the people here are seen as a joke NOT helpful at all like one would expect from forums.
    Shame on the admin if this is how they let it run.
  4. double posting with incoherent writings , just gets you double answers with same result.

    And with all your whining and complaining, i have yet to see a specific question from you.
  5. well just try reading my question and as i say im a noob at this as i need help from the start to the end this is all iv asked so thers no need for the bitch fest so i dont understand wy you have come on giving it all the bigs as if you cornt help with my question wy then come back to me
  6. wy cornt we help your with your question ? iv asked u to come back to me lol...

    seriously, stop talking...
  7. its hard to understand what your saying, every time i post something i use google tool bars spell checker.
    like the other guy said, you have to be nice to people and try and understand what they are saying
  8. OK. As near as I can figure out, you are complaining that we do not coddle newbs.

    I also am "guilty" of your charges. We get a lot of "How do I OC a ..." threads. My usual answer is "Google is your friend. Do some research. We'll be glad to help. "

    "and as i say im a noob at this as i need help from the start to the end " And at the start, we expect you to do some research on your own. This stuff is hard. And for one thing, if you do some research on your own, you may be able to ask a better question and understand at least a little of the answer. Another thing is that you cannot blindly cookbook a solution.

    Yes, at one time, we were all newbs. For some of us, that was a long time ago ...

    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
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