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Hi All,

Looking for some help here guys!!

Family member handed in his Sharp 77SH phone to be looked at due to an earpiece problem.

The phone got factory reset without him knowing and to make a long story short all his photos and files were deleted.

The phone had a Micro SD Card which may or may not have had the photos on it but when I try to recover through a card reader windows won’t recognize the card.

Without going into too much detail he is an elderly gent who had some of the last photos of his daughter who died young a few years ago and the pictures have immense sentimental value to him.

He does not have a computer so nothing was backed up.

Would anyone please know a way of recovering these photos and videos or failing that a good data recovery company which deals in flash memory recovery.

Many thanks for your help in advance guys!

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  1. No need for a pro... at least not yet. I've personally used PhotoRec with some relative success. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes! :)

    Oh, and if you're worried, PhotoRec does no writing, only reading, so there's no chance of it destroying your data any further.
  2. Hi r_manic,

    Many thanks for the help....

    No joy with PhotoRec.... XP keeps locking up when I put in the SD card (through a card reader) and Linux does not see it either...

    Would it be safe to format the SD card as fat and then try a recovery with PhotoRec??

    I'm a bit nervous about doing a format but as i said windows does not see to recognise the card when put in...

  3. What do you mean by it hangs? Nothing moves at all? Have you tried waiting a bit?

    Hmmm... maybe you can try recovering the card on another computer?
  4. When i put the card in the reader XP i think trys to find it but i don't think there is a partition on it so i does not recognise it as a drive....

    Thanks why i was thinking of doing a FAT format and then try the recover. Its from a mobile phone factory reset so i dont know if that blows away any partition info or it has some funny one.... Again thanks for the advise... It is really appreciated!
  5. Hello djackson, try using another memory card reader and insert the SD card on it then try that r_manic suggestion - PhotoRec apps.
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