8800GT with samsung 206bw problem

Hey, im going to try to explain the problem as good as i can in english, if you have any questions please ask.

Ok, so, a few weeks ago i bought a new monitor, the samsung 206bw. It works fine but when i go into a game (counterstrike source and call of duty 4) and walk or just move my mouse , my textures sort of change and i get like green and purple cirkels on them. On a normal CRT i have no problems at all. Some more examples ; when i trow a flashbang into the air there is a little blue line behind it and when i look at the sun in de_dust2 and move my mouse it gets green and purple cirkels around the edges.

I phoned to the company i bought it and they said the problem wasnt the screen but my 8800 gt, so i asked why i didnt have any problems on a normal crt, and he had no answer to that so he just hang up without helping me.

This is really annoying cause this screen cost me a lot of money and i can barely use it. I really hope someone knows what this is cause i really really really want to get this solved.


1) also sometimes in cod4 when im in close combat like when someone jumps around the corner and starts shooting my screen like "chokes" a split second so when i can move my mouse again im dead...

2) I use a digital cable but i had the same problem with analog.

3) The guy on the phone also said something about the 8800 gt switching between analog and digital, i thought it was **** but i dont know anything about things like that.
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  1. Can you provide information about the resolution and color depth settings when the CRT is hooked up vs. when the LCD is hooked up? Also, can you verify whether the games are running with the same settings? Does the artifacting only occur in games?

    I've heard of artifacting problems with 8800GTs (even at factory settings) on demanding games like Crysis and BioShock, but not with CS:Source... try to keep an eye on the temperature of the video card when playing, if possible, and let us know what it's at when the problems occur.

    After some research on Samsung 206bw monitors, I found that some users complained of artifacting while watching videos when Response Time Accelerator (RTA) mode was turned on (it's on by default). In their cases, turning RTA mode off seemed to fix the problem... but they didn't say it affected games, just videos... still might be worth trying.

    Please let us know what you find.
  2. I have it on all resolutions + the settings on my crt and lcd are the same.
    About the temperature, it tried rivatuner (doesnt support 8800gt ?) and atitool but neither of those worked. But i always have this problem from the first second i get ingame and i can game for hours on my crt and never have that problem.

    Ill try turning RTA off but i payed for a 2ms screen not a 5 ms =/ Its prolly not gonna help anyway, but i will give it a go right away.
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