Just 1 question to all reader and members

just whant to know wy all the new ons how just ask for a bit of help to get going just get insulted or bad coment chucked at the isent what forume or about as thats what i think ther about any way all hear for some sort of help so come on you peaple how do this give us newbs a brake we all got to start somwher plus just check out the views to this and think of how menny uthersor thinking the same but just dosunt say anything and gos looks elswher so so by just giving the new ones that little bake look what good can come frome it.

thanks to all readers

plus id just like to give big respect and thanks to the ones how do give the help to the newboys aswell

( we all stat somwhare )
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  1. double posting doesnt help....
  2. But writing coherently might. Try it.
  3. A big +1 on the writing coherently.
  4. Well just take a look at your comments across these forums. This is what forums are supposed to be for to ask questions no matter how silly they might seem. Your attitudes suck towards people you donot know & who came here for a little help. Not to hear bigged up attitudes like the ones in here. Nice way to lose members & I`m not the only one thinking this way just take a look at other forums to see that some of the people here are seen as a joke NOT helpful at all like one would expect from forums.
    Shame on the admin if this is how they let it run.
  5. why are you copy pasting from one post to another lol...
  6. Well, I found your first post and to tell you the TRUTH they were very easy on you.

    AS stated here and on your first post, you can't just come here and say tell me all the setting I need to set so I can overclock.

    Every chip,MB,Ram is different, one person can overclock an identical setup more than another person with the same exact system.

    Also as stated you need to do a LITTLE work yourself, read stickies, guides and other peoples results to find out what the BIOS and overclocking is all about. You should LEARN the basics and then when you have a specific question, THEN ASK, and I'm sure someone will help you.
  7. Most likely it is due to the fact that most newbies that come and ask questions on the forum can just as easily use GOOGLE and find the answer. Instead most just take the lazy way out and ask here, thus wasting our time.

    Granted, there are a select few who actually ask credible questions, and get credible answers.
  8. Yup, most of the time I've noticed people ask something like "Can any1 t3ll m3 how t0 0C my c0mputerz m4k3 17 l337?", granted I took it a bit farther than most do in making it annoying as hell to read (and took me awhile to write). So we usually just give them a bit of hell for 1) posting incoherantly and 2) not reading the OCing stickies because 99% of the time their answer is in there.

    But every now and than we get a newbie who comes in and ask an good intelligent question and they get a good intelligent answer. It's just how it is, most people here don't like babying someone and walking someone through step by step by step, but they don't mind helping people when they get stuck on something.
  9. Yes I`ve got to agree there but I did try everything and did google it but there are so many variations to overclocking it`s not funny. I got confused after the first 2 or 3 of them trying to put together the configeration for my pc spec and when I`ve tried doing some of them I`m gettting blue screen or just not stable with the temps and then more blue screen but yes I do understand where some people come from but even so there a way to speak to someone or if they dont want to help them or say anything good why say anything or come on and give the abuse to them I dont understand that part it`s like being in a school play ground.
    To the ones who I have got off on the wrong foot with I do apologise it`s just I dont give anyone the bad attitude and I would like for them to do the same back I dont think thats a lot to ask for is it
  10. In this school playground we speak COHERENTLY!!!!!!!!!1
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