I could use a little advice. Just putting together a new box with the Intel D975XBX2 mobo and have 4 SATA HDD's in the Black sockets and they will be a Raid 10 array. I will be using the Intel Matrix floppy for the F6 drivers with XP Pro.
The question is, this is the first time I have used an SATA DVD-RW drive. All that is left on the mobo for sockets are the 3 Blue ones and the Pink one. The Pink one is listed for use as ESATA use on the back panel and the 3 Blue ones are listed for use with the Marvel Raid.
Which one should I plug the DVD-RW Drive into?
Anyone got any idea?

If I don't get any assistance with this I intend to try it in the Pink socket.

Saturday 5-3-08 is the target for the fireup!
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  1. It should work in any of the four SATA sockets. If you were using RAID HHDs you'd must use the blue sockets. If you're using HDDs without RAID the blue sockets are still the one to use.
  2. Ok
    Then will I need to install the Marvel drivers and enable these ports in the Bios?
  3. well i see a few people have read this but not much response.
    just thought i'd let you knoe the LG LH-20A1L does not work in the Blue ports of the Marvel on this board. i had a bunch of the blue screen of death trying to install XP Pro. ended up using an old IDE drive for the install. i will try to use the SATA optical drive again later once all the windows updates are in.
  4. Did you upload both the Marvell and Intel drivers?
    Previous THG forum post: BSOD during XP/Vista install on Intel D975XBX2 (RESOLVED!)
    It says loading the Marvel drivers

  5. the floppy i got for the marvell ports seems to be a program that can't be installed until after windows is loaded. maybe i'm missing something but i downloaded the the latest from intel.
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