ddr2 ram on a ddr1 mobo?

in process of upgrading computer, just got a free shipping deal on the memory i wanted, but its ddr2 and my current mobo memory standard is ddr1, can i still use it? will the ddr2 work as ddr1?
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  1. No. But asrock makes a board with ddr and ddr2 slots (2 of each, but you can't use both types at the same time). 3btech sells them for $33 shipped with no accessories. You can order a backplate from asrock america for $5 shipped; just put the board model number on the check. The asrock board with work with some 1066 fsb quad and core2 duo cpus; check the cpu support section on asrock's website. Newegg sells alot of open box boards with ddr2 support fairly cheap, but with no accessories. I always download the board manual to check the specs before ordering.
  2. well my current board is a kn8 ultra, im getting new board fairly soon, but i wanted to throw the new memory in until i got it. o well guess i will have to wait
  3. DDR1 and DDR2 are technically, and physically incompatible. you wouldn't even be able to fit the modules in with damaging them
  4. Simply NO
    You can not install DDR2 modules on your DDR1 dimms
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