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Hello everyone

i just got My Book Studio II 2TB yesterday, and after i got home i set it to RAID-1 and format it (full format using windows disk management)

i didn't know whether i should just quick format or full format it, but since this is first format so, i am thought full format will be better than quick format

What supprise me, is after around 7 to 8 hours of formatting, the drive showing its temperature @50C on everest ultimate
the spec said the operating temperature is 35C MAX... when touching the case, indeed its just a bit warm and only top side of the case that got more heat
so i want to know whether this is normal or did i got faulty product ? or there something wrong with either monitoring software (everest) ?

thanks in advance
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  1. I don't understand. You're setting your external hard drive as part of a RAID array?

    In any case, your disk feeling hot is normal, especially if it's constantly reading and writing data. You should start worrying if it starts feeling hotter than the "warm" feeling you've described.
  2. thanks for reply r_manic

    yes, my book studio II come with RAID 0 as default, but since i want RAID 1 so i need to set and reformat it again

    and like you said maybe i think to much about the SMART temperature status, i kinda paranoid because one of my WD drive failed 2 weeks ago
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