Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz on air. What are your voltages?

Hey everyone, I'm trying to hit 3.6Ghz on air now. I want to upgrade but can't justify it yet so it's time to squeeze! I have a better cooler now so here goes! Yes I know I have another thread asking about 3.2Ghz on air. This is an "update" because I want more now :D

I was at 3.2Ghz @ 1.35v vcore for the last year or so. Now I'm at 3.45Ghz with a 1.45v vcore. I've tried 3.6Ghz and was stable for a half-hour @ 1.5v. Kept my NB/SB voltages at stock.

So, my question is this:

To whoever has their Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz or higher on air, what are your voltages? And please only respond if you've done this. Thanks!
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  1. I'm at 1.55 in the BIOS. Under a load in Prime w/ Vdroop 1.46v according to CPU-Z. Temps 68c 67c 68c 67c in Core Temp and Real Temp. With the Intel C1E and Speed Step idle is 1.39v. Stable in Prime 12 hrs.
  2. Hey I have a Q6600 on a 680iLT in bios my voltage is 1.49XX however in windows 1.44 vlts and under load as low as 1.4vlts, however with my thermalright 120 ultra extreme temperatures under 100% load are about 63C so watch your temps, just remember every chip is different so you may not be as lucky. Also forgot my Q6600 is @ 3.7GHz 100% prime stable
  3. just as i said every chip is different we are just giving him a baseline to get an idea the measures he has to got to
  4. I am not 3.6 :D but mine runs @ 3.4 with 1.425 voltage
  5. You should list your mobo. What's your ram multiplier...is it OC'd too?

    Q6600 GO w/ VID of 1.25 volts
    Xigmetek S1283

    3.3ghz, 1.35 vcore (I've used this everyday for the last 10 months)
    3.4ghz, 1.40 vcore, +.1mch, +.1 FSB (stable for 8hrs, Prime95 small FFT's)
    3.5ghz, 1.45 vcore, +.2 Mch, +.2 FSB (stable for 8 hrs, Prime95, small FFT's)

    That's where I stopped, as my stressed temperatures were over 70 C. Practically speaking, I don't see a point of running my Q6600 past 3.3ghz with my setup.
  6. I'm hitting 3,6 Ghz (9x400 FSB)on my Q6600 (G0 stepping) right now on air. It's on an Asus P5K (pencil mod)motherboard with a Scythe Mugen Cooler on top. Voltages are in BIOS 1,4750 and in windows 1,47 (under full load) according to speedfan. Temperatures are going up and down between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius (coretemp). To be more specific:
    Core#0: 67
    Core#1: 67
    Core#2: 57
    Core#3: 57
    Does anyone know how far to go, what's really too hot for this CPU?
    PC case is Antec Sonata III, no mods, but temps should be better with a fan in the sidepanel.
    Prime95 is running for an hour right now, still stable. Oh and i set the NB voltage at 1,55 v.
  7. Quote:

    Does anyone know how far to go, what's really too hot for this CPU?

    Check the Intel site for max voltage and temps.
  8. Hey everyone. My email notification must have stopped on this. Didn't realize I had this many responses. Okay. Here's my rig:

    Asus P5B deluxe
    Q6600 G0
    4GB (1x4) DDR 800 Cas 4
    Xigmatek HDT-s1283 cooler (love it!)

    I never messed with NB or SB voltages. Left them at the lowest manual settings. That said...

    3.2Ghz @ 1.35v (max load 55c)
    3.4Ghz @ 1.425v (max load 60c)
    3.6Ghz @ 1.55v (max load 65c)

    My question is, are we going to see 6-core or 8-core CPU's from Intel this year on the non-server side? Currently, 3.6Ghz gives me a 10% boost. Core i7 gives me a 25% boost (and a little more OC headroom).

    I think I'll skip i7 quads if I can. I think to justify an upgrade (or even worry about one), I'd need at least a 50% boost.
  9. Guess I need to start thinking of reseating my CPU cooler and/or even lapping the surfaces; Only running 3.0GHz @ one step under 1.25v and I'm hitting 61c with max load..

    Edit: Oh and I'm using Hyper TX 2..
  10. Another thing to keep in mind:

    Computronix said that the Q6600 G0 needs an offset of -5 in Core Temp. If you have that chip and use Core Temp, that'll knock off 5c for ya right off the bat.
  11. q6600 g0 air cooled @ 411mhz FSB (2.7ghz) stock voltages on everythign but the chip. vcore is 1.45 in Bios and surprisingly CPU-z

    On a 85 degree Fahrenheit day with all cores under load continuously I've yet to see the temp exceed 53 degrees c for any core or the aggregated number.

    I did this w/ a 3 year old Zalman 9500. Lapped the Zalman and the heatslug of the q6600.

    Also, I removed the heatslug from the q6600 and lapped the internal contact area where the slug meets the cpu dies. I removed the intel white paste and replaced with AS5. After some measurements i sanded off .075 inch from the base of the heatslug to get it as close as possible to the cores.

    The tricky part these days is removing that heatslug. Its not as easy to do on the c2ds when compared to popping off a p4 northwood b core slug... but that is where I happened to start this practice.

    I think I got one sweet-ass overclock ;)

    Asus p5k-e wifi mobo
    Mushkin 1066 ddr2 running 1-1 and 4-4-4-12 timings.
    PC Power and cooling silencer 750
  12. I hope you mean 3.7Ghz....
  13. krazynutz said:
    I hope you mean 3.7Ghz....

    I'm glad it wasn't just me who was thinking that 2.7GHz is not a sweet overclock!
    3.7GHz on the other hand is pure sucrose.
  14. I did mean 3.7... at least I wasn't the guy who typed in Mhz in place of Ghz :)
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