FSB Increase vs. Higher RAM speed?

I recently purchased a new computer (parts) from Newegg. My motherboard is an ASRock P45XE,
My processor is an E8400, and I have 4GB of G.Skill DDR2 1066.

In the BIOS settings, I change the FSB of my processor from 333 to 356. Which is 3.0Ghz to 3.21Ghz. Increasing this, changes my DRAM frequency from 1066 to 1138. For some reason, my computer won't function after the BIOS screen with 3.21Ghz AND DDR2 1138.

Although, I am able to run my computer safely at 3.21Ghz and DDR2 854.

So my question is... Should I run my computer at 3.0Ghz and DDR2 1066? Or should I run it at 3.21Ghz and DDR2 854? For the best performance
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  1. You could run your PC at 3.21(or higher) and the ram at around 1066 if you adjust the RAM's ratio.
  2. Where do you adjust the Ram's ratio? Here is a link to the motherboard's review on OCWorkbench.com This place has pictures of the BIOS options
  3. If having FSB strap on auto doesn't give you any RAM settings you want, try changing it. My bios is similar and while I don't have a ratio setting for RAM, adjusting the FSB strap does the same thing. You should have something like 266, 333, 400 as setting for the FSB strap.
  4. Well without getting into to much detail, You may also drop your multiplier to 8 or 8.5 and raise your FSB to get closer to the Ram speed you want. This of course will depend on many factors but with your P45 board a higher FSB shouldn't be a problem at all.

    Example: multi 8 X 400 will give you 3.2 Ghz and DDR2-961 (with correct FSB strap).

    It's all a game of trial and error. You just need to go slow with small increases and test in between and you'll be fine. Oh, and don't overvolt and watch your temps.

    I only have an older p35 and have my FSB set at 500 (had to bump up NB voltage 1 notch though).
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