Config list failed on a netbook

My dell mini 9 has the config_list_ failed error. I assume this is because it has run out of memory. I have no way of getting into xp and deleting the files so i tried to boot from safemode. That didnt work. Then i tried to boot from linux mint. It wont boot from usb for whatever reason. In bios it showed and exclamation point next to the flash drive.. Idk what that means. I tried another flash drive and it did the same thing. I cant boot from cd because i dont have a usb cd drive yet. I could buy one but im trying to avoid that. So at this point im about ready to just load DBAN to my flash drive and wipe the entire thing... (but i cant cuz i cant boot from flash ) . Any suggestions?

Sorry for the rambling....
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  1. used disc drive it worked. Solved
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