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I get an error of limited connectivity for my wireless connection. I have a strong router signal, but when I disconnect from the router and try to re-connect my router or network is not located. At this point I have to re-boot my pc. Then I get my connection back. But only for a short time, then I get "limited connectivity error again. This is only an issue on one of 3 laptops in the house. Please help me resolve this.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Try matching the Channel the router's broadcasting on with that which the laptop is set to receive. If possible, set both to automatic.

  2. OK, thanks
    Can you give me an idea how to do this?

  3. In Control Panel>Network and Sharing Centre, you should eb able to find and configure your wireless adapter to set it to a specific channel between 1 and 13 or to Automatic and in the router settings, there will be a setting under the Wireless pages. You access the router's settings pages by finding the address and typing it into the URL bar of your browser. Find that address by pressing the Windows key and R together, then by typing into the Open box
    cmd /k ipconfig /all
    (including the spaces) then press Enter. The address you need is the Default Gateway and should look something like

  4. Ok
    The wireless adapter is set to auto.
    and the channel for the router is set to 11.

  5. It would seem the only remaining option is that the adapter isn't working properly. Maybe a USB dongle is the answer here. Even if it was set to be turned off to save power, it should work when it comes back on so it has to be faulty.

  6. Everything is working perfectly after I installed the USB receiver.
    Thanks for your help.
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