Thermaltake Kandalf LCS... to all those that think it sucks...

Picked up a kandalf lcs case a while back and I was anticipating it crapping on me, after hearing everyone trash talk its components...

Well, its still trucking and its better than I ever thought it was. After 2+ hours of crysis, cpu temps on an overclocked 3ghz e6400 NEVER breach 30c at very high settings, and age of conan isnt enough to push it over 24c with everything maxed out... it idles at around 20-21c, and my room isnt too cool, Id say a little cooler than 75F.

Even thought my 8800gt sli setup would get hot with stock cooling in the case... nope, all I did was throw a 120mm fan blowing on them towards the back and opened the pci expansion covers to give it some exhaust, and they idle at 40c, never go over 55c, WITH an overclocked core of 720 and memory of 2000.

Just after all of those reviews I read from people in forums saying to piece together your own kit and how much a waste of time this case was, I thought it was going to fail miserably... maybe it doesnt perform as well as some 500 dollar loop does, but the results that I look at every day after heavy game loads(even atitool) tell me that this case is pretty decent.

Some would say mounting the pump/rez is a pain, and I have to agree: it is impossible to mount it how they want you to with an sli setup without kinking cables to unsafe degrees. Just take out the hard drive bay up front and throw the pump/rez combo in there pump first, and put your hard drives in the top cage. Plenty of room, and looks cleaner IMO.

I would have to say that hardware failure from this case probably isnt the cases fault... if you take the time to put it together right (which isnt hard at all.. I had the loop installed and running within 10 mins from start to finish) it will be reliable.

Anyone else have reviews of this case?
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  1. I think people were just bashing it in forums, saying the Liquid cooling system was crap and it was undependable, but it has lasted me : )
    Just picked up some duorbs today as well, now my cooling solution is complete. GPUs idle at 33c and NEVER go past 40c, Im impressed, good job thermaltake.
  2. Wow those temps are very good :)
  3. I'm trying to install the following into my Kandalf after gutting the previous gear out of it, and having issues with using that pump and SLI cards...

    ASUS Striker 2 NSE
    2 x ASUS ENGTX260 896MB

    Problem is that I used to have the pump + tank bolted to the bottom of the case.

    From your description I understand you put the pump + tank in under the hdd's sideways with the pump in first?

    How'd you go with trying to turn the tubing without it kinking?
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