Geforce 8800 GT for Age of Conan

Hello everyone I was hoping that some of you might be able to help me out a little here.
I’m planning to buy a Geforce 8800 GT for my computer so I’ll be able to play Age of Conan, but I don’t really know what kind it would be best to get. When I check the reviews for the different ones available they all seem to have problems with running very hot. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a particular brand for me.

Also I think I will need a new power supply if I am to install a Geforce 8800 GT into my computer as it only has a 350W. How many watts would I need? And can you recommend any particular Power Supply?

Current System specs:

Motherboard: Asus Nvidia® nForce™ 4 Ultra
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 / 3200+ 2.0 GHz 90nm – Boxed
Graphic Card: Asus GeForce EN6600GT/TD/128M
RAM: Kingston ValueRAM – 2GB (2 x 1 GB) – DIMM 184-PIN – DDR – 400 Mhz / PC3200 – CL3 – 2.6 V – Non Buffered
Operating system: Windows XP
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  1. an 9600gt will be a great improvement for u. its 3 generations ahead of what u have now, 4 times ram. new architecture. itll allow u to max out ur ram. since an 8800gt or higher will most likely be bottlenecked by ur single core cpu and old ddr. i dont see the ram as a bottleneck, just ur cpu. ull most likely see 300-500% better performance, idk even more? but i doubt afe of conan will be a very taxing game, not cryisis right? this card will allow u to max out the graphics in age of conan with power to spare id bet. on the safe side, wait till there are performance reviews for the game, then pick ur card then.
  2. Yeah I know my CPU is kinda old... I'm planning to update that one too. But I figured I could get the Graphic card first then get Motherboard, RAM and CPU later.
  3. The 9600 gt is a great performing card for the money. Its only around about 10% or so slower than an 8800 gt in many/most current games, and you could always go sli with it later if you buy a motherboard that supports it. It should handle Conan quite well.
  4. in the beta of AoC i was running a pirated (2)7900GT's (i believe lol). I did not have sli enabled and it ran fine. Cant really remember what the rest of the specs on that rig was as i only used it for about3 days before i ordered a new rig.
  5. IMO any of the 8800gt series will work fine. I currently use the XFX 8800gt XXX edition (OCed about 70 Mhz over the reference board). And it literally smokes (both in performance and heat). I have AoC set on Medium to High settings and I average 40-50 FPS on a single card. Running Riva tuner I see temps max out at about 65-72 C. Nothing near boiling point - and this was going afk for about 2 hours.

    I consider the 9600 card the 'best bang for your buck' card. But as you can see from Tom's Hardware comparison - the 8800gt series in SLI can hang with the GTX in SLI - the only breaker is when you push greater resolutions. If you research the bottom line specs b/w the 8800GT and 9600 look very carefully at them, quick heads up, they're not typos.

    The issue about cooling should only matter if:
    A) affects your warranty
    B) affects your experience when using your system

    Who cares if it runs a little hot - so long as you're not artifacting or you can smell burnt PCB - I remember old Nvidia cards running near 90C so I have faith they can run a tad crispy.

    I'm actually curious to know if anyone is running AoC with 8800gt cards in SLI and on a 24" - what kinda resolution/detail is he/she running at and the avg FPS.

    As far as a new powersupply - I'd suggest anything in the +600W range. Also be sure there are enough rails to support the current/voltage draw from the higher end video card. (I currently use the Corsair 620HX something).
  6. I'm hearing in game conflicting info on the 8800 gt series, some get good performance out of it, others are getting not so good performance on med.

    I run the 8800 gts 640 and have no problem run med-high settings.

    Get a new 80+ certified power supply in the 600w range and give you some upgrade room while doing your electric bill a favor.
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