Over 20gb used from a new win8 install help

Hi I recently just built my first computer. I decided to used win8 on it.
cpu: intel i5 3570k
MB: AsRock z77 extreme 4
memory: 8gb g.skill ripjaw x
storage: corsair force 120gb ssd
WD Black 500gb
Videocard: GTX 670 ftw
PSU: Corsair hx750w
case: CM Storm scout.

TLDR: 20+gb used on SSD?, Everything works, do I need to DL drivers?

Had some trouble getting the system to work. Found out that ASRock MB had to stay curved. So when I screwed in the MB and straightened it it would not work. (strange) I left the screws for the MB mount very lose to that the MB can stay curved, is that alright? Anyways, I finally got the freaking system to power on after 20 hrs. Testing each parts individually.

So I installed win8 and the strange thing I noticed first was that I didn't need to update any driver at all. I had sound. I had internet from my wireless card. Does Win8 automatically have all the drivers ready? I updated all the windows updates. (there was only 22 updates). I started browse around win8 and I noticed that I have already used up 20+ gb on my SSD. Are those all Win8 files? Is that normal? Also do I need to DL all the drivers for my MB, Videocard, etc. It's all so confusing to me.

Sorry for asking so many questions. I am very new to building computers, and this is my first time putting together a computer.
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  1. 20gb can be reduced

    because you have 8gb ram you have a large page file

    reduce page file to 512mb

    and delete the hyberfil.sys file

    this only stops you using hibernate you can still use sleep

    this will gain a lot of space back
  2. Windows 8 comes with stock drivers for wide variety of hardware, but you should still get the drivers from hardware manufacturers for full benefits, mainly graphics, storage and sound drivers. Download newest drivers from manufacturers sites, the ones you got on CDs are usually outdated.
    Also, 20GB is normal for Windows 8 install.

    To free up some space you can disable hibernate feature by opening command prompt with administrative rights and typing
    powercfg /h off

    This will free up around 5-6GB on your system partition.
  3. how to delete hyberfil

    this is for windows 7 but should probably work on 8 as well

    Open a command prompt with administrative privileges.
    Enter powercfg.exe -h off
    Exit the command prompt.
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