Has anyone made their own retention bracket for Xigmatek?

could you use small dia long bolts with springs to provide tension?
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  1. There is a retention bracket for LGA775. What were you thinking of?

    XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket - Retail

  2. ^+1. Usually it cost more to make a custom bracket than buying it.
  3. good point esp w time needed. I just wonder - is there a simple solution like one trip to hardware store for 4 long screws, 4 nylon washers, and some springs? ...just replace the push pins with long screw with a spring for tension held in place by the head and a non-conductive nylon washer or ? inder the mobo. Maybe just $2 of parts?
  4. ^You could do that, but I don't recommend doing so with out having some kind of a back plate.
  5. Most likely those parts from the hardware store will cost ~$5, I would just spend the $9, get the correct parts and not risk cracking your mobo
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