Can I do RAID5 and JBOD together?

I have a N7700 Thecus NAS on hand and I am wondering if it is possible to set up different RAID arrays, for example, 3 HDD in RAID 5 and 4 HDD in JBOD? So I can put my important data in RAID and other files in JBOD and get faster file transfer speed.

Any help appreciated. :bounce:
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  1. To my knowledge, any decent RAID controller should allow you to have multiple arrays. In your case I googled a bit and it seems the N7700 does. BTW, I doubt JBOD gives any kind of performance improvements, you would have to use RAID 0.
  2. JBOD is just that: Just a Bunch of Disks. It's only useful so that the OS sees them as one drive. There is no striping or parity, so there is no transfer speed gains and no redundancy.
  3. On the other hand, if one drive fails, you only lose what is on that drive. Then again if data security is your concern, JBOD and RAID 0 aren't the way to go.
  4. Dear CKKC,

    Yes, you will be able to set up multiple RAID Volume in one NAS.

    Thecus even made a video on it.

    Follow the link
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