Weird problem with my 7600GT - resolutions are not detected properly

Hi all,

I've got a weird problem with my Inno3D 7600GT PCI-E VideoCard.

Here goes:

I've been reformatting my hard drive for so many times yesterday and today. The reason behind this is because I've been trying to slipstream Xp Sp3. I've spent the whole day just doing this (ofcouse, I used VMware .. but when I installed it in the real thing, I jus wasn't satisfied and redid the whole slipstream all over again).

Anyway .. I noticed something weird after installing my videocard driver "169.21_forceware_winxp_32bit_english_whql" .. when I go to the videocard settings where I change the resolution .. it gives me a whole bunch of other resolutions it doesn't support.

My monitor is an SyncMaster 793DF which only supports a maxium resolution of 1280x1024x32@60Hz
Now, after installing the driver from Nvidia .. it goes beyond 1280x1024 .. it gives like 1360x768 to 2048x1536 .. which ofcouse, it goes out of sync, since they are not supported by the monitor.

Now the real weird thing is .. this never happened before .. I've been using that video card driver before without any problems .. it reports the right resolution in the Settings tab (maximum of 1280x1024) .. it doesnt go beyond that. This just happened after my 3rd or 4th reformat (using the same installer CD)

Yes, using the same CD and same driver over and over .. except in the 3rd reformat .. this happened .. the 1st and 2nd time were perfect.

Actually, I can still select 1280x1024 in the Settings Tab (resolution Change) and hoping I can live with it BUT .. the problem is when I install and play my games like Warcraft III and Cod4

Inside the game, when I select 1280x1024 .. it goes out of sync!!! It can only support resolutions lower than that.

Which never happened before .. I was playing cod4 and warcraft III in 1280x1024

Troubleshooting done:

- I tried using a different videocard (Palit 7300LE) and it DOES NOT give that problem (using 169.21 drivers)

- I installed the SyncMaster 793DF driver and still no go

- I reformatted and installed Retail WinXP with Sp2 .. just to make sure its not an nLite or Sp3 related problem - still no go

- I installed an OLD driver from Inno3D/Nvidia "94.24_forceware_winxp_english_whql" and it WORKED .. now resolutions are detected properly.

*I also tried overwritting the old driver with the newer one .. but after doing the .. resolutions are screwed up again

It's really weird that the newer driver decided to do weird stuff which it never did before.

I've owned this card for about 5 months now and I've reformatted my hard drive for about 4 times since (not including yesterday and today) and it NEVER happened before (using the same driver).

Anybody knows why this is happening? Is my GFX card dead already .. or almost?

Please help.

THank you very much.
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  1. Go to your device manager, look at what it is showing for your monitor, some monitors need drivers in order to run, my dell2001 for instance, and even when i told it to auto update, it didnt find it, had to go to the website, download the driver, and then point the computer at the file it was in before it was finally recognized, and i was able to kick my resolution up.
  2. Try NOT using the latest drivers. Use the drivers you use to use to make the card stable. It's happened to me once or twice where new drivers aren't quite 100% compatible.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys.

    Well, guess what .. I reformatted my hard drive again and this time it worked. I didn't do anything special .. I used the same cd and used the same drivers (latest)

    I'm really getting confused now.

    I'm happy that it is now working but It worries me on why it does that.

    In the device manager it indicates that it has the plug and play monitor .. As I remembered .. this was the detected monitor when both the resolution problem occured and when it was fine. So I guess its not the monitor which is causing this. I also tried to install the correct drivers for the monitor and it had the same resolution issue.

    Regarding the drivers .. yes .. the old drivers worked AOK .. But .. I was using the latest drivers before and it never had this issue .. it was just yesterday ..

    I really got a feeling that my video card is kinda screwed up .. but I hope not.

    Thanks for your help guys ..

    I guess I'll stick with this installation and avoid formatting for awhile.

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