New NX8800 GT but which Power supply?

HI all ,
I'm new around here and I have a question that maybe you will be able to help me.

I had a problem with my graphic card (its broken) so I need to buy a new one .
I'm going to buy the NX8800 GT by MSI , but the issue is that I have a 300W power supply on my PC.
I believe it wont stand a chance in front of the NX8800 GT.

which Power supply should I buy ?

I though about the Thermaltake W0093RI or the Antec Basiq BP500U.
I'm on budget because of the card so try to think cheap (I wish I had more believe me).

Best Regards,
Noam Hazon
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  1. While I like Antecs, the Basiq's are just a little too cheap.
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