Qustion on life span of OCing

Hello i recently bought a system i am planning on learning to OC on.

Asus P5Q-PRO mo-bo

E8400 CPU

Xigmatek 3rd party cpu cooler

8 gigs of Gskill ddr2 900 (actualy running at 800) 4-4-4-4-12 timings or something

HD4870 GPU

Cooler Master HAF Case

Now i know that OCing the CPU is no big deal since it will still last longer then you will have any use for it (only reliable thing i could really find through google).

but as far as the other components go i have no idea what the affect will be. I'm wondering if oc'ing will caus any of these components to die before i replace them.

I'm new to OCing and the impact of lifespan after OC is my general question.
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  1. Also a quick side question since i don't thing its worth making another post for

    I was ocing my gfx HD4870 through the CCC.exe and after doing the auto tune which set my GPU clock to 840hz and my memory clock to 1045 i decided to crank up the memory setting in a large interval since i read that everyone was easily running the card at max settings. I set the memory clock speed to 1150, and started the built in CCC stress test. I got artifacting, then a blue screen and a system restart. When the system came back online it had restored the settings to what the auto tune had set it to. I decided to test crysis out and i got artifacting and another system restart... Defaulted back to gpu 750mhz and memory 900mhz. Booted up crysis and it got artifacting? when loading up? Not really sure if it was artifacting as it looked more like it was loading all the textures in a prosses. 2 sec into the game it was gone. Now the card seems to be acting a little funny...it may be my imagination. It just seems like its acting a little odd though. Also the object detail is locked at very high and i don't remember that before.

    Did i ruin my gfx card? Are there any tests i can run?
  2. OK, first STOP reading what other people have OC'd to and learn what YOU are doing.

    Read the stickies, guides and other overclocking material you can get your hands on.

    Start out slow with small oc's and monitor your TEMPS and voltages. BIG jumps (like your Vid Card) are just going to get you in trouble and cost you money.

    EVERY Cpu,MB,Ram,CARD is different and people with the same exact setup as yours may be able to go farther or not as far as you can. Only time and testing will tell you.

    Good luck.
  3. I agree with reading the stickies, get a good small step up then stress test method going since you are learning how to OC.

    Just cranking the settings up is a good way to fry hardware.
  4. okay thanks for the tips

    err just hope i didnt ruin my gpu
  5. crysis seems to be running with lower fps..cant be sure as i did not checkwhat it was before the "oc" but now im only getting 25 just sitting there

    also is it normal for the console to look like this, because that seems like a hell of alot of errors

  6. OC'ing is synonymous with taking a test in that you have to do your homework.

    Personally I am not a fan over over clocking GPU's but then again I really haven’t had much luck. The minimal performance gains I have seen always come at the cost of annoyingly higher temps, noisy fans or instability. You definitely need to take baby steps. Who knows your card might not even agree with even the smallest OC. My 9800GTX+ performs better at stock 738 than it does when OC'd. Every card is different so do your homework and take it slow. Apply a small OC , bench and watch temps /voltage, look for performance gain and move forward accordingly. Once you start to notice artifacts , loss of FPS or alarming temps you know you have reached the threshold.

    In regards to the now present problem, have you tried uninstalling and reloading drivers? I would uninstall, reset cmos, remove and reseat the card then reinstall drivers. There really isn’t much more to do than that. If you are lucky and avoided inflicting damage on the card take note and be a little more cautious in the future.
  7. okay..so i uninstalled the drivers and turned off the computer. I then put the CMOS jumper in the reset position. Then i took the video card out and put the CMOS jumper in the correct position. I then put the Graphics card back, hooked everything back up turned on the power supply and hit the power switch.

    Nothing. Okay wtf i thought. So i kept trying differnt things..nothing. So then i used the paper clip trick to jump start the power manualy on the mother board. It started but no display and there are 3 reds next to each other on the gfx card that are lit up.

    No idea whats wrong.

    Ugg so frustrating.
  8. Perhaps the gfx card manufacturer's web site (or the manual) will reveal what the red LEDs mean? Perhaps it's something as simple as forgetting to plug in the power cables on the graphics card?

    RJRs post above is VERY good advice. Read it, live it.
  9. the red leds mean lack of power or something but trust me i trouble shooted everyhting cant figure it out
  10. If the red LEDs mean lack of power, then perhaps your problem lies with the power supply? (this isn't rocket science :) ) Since you didn't mention what model you had, it's probably a no-name and a good candidate for being broken.
  11. My Crysis console looks exactly like that. I think there is a reason that game has such crappy frame rates, and I am not thinking superior graphics is the reason.
  12. My Crysis console looks like that, too.
  13. A Stoner said:
    My Crysis console looks exactly like that. I think there is a reason that game has such crappy frame rates, and I am not thinking superior graphics is the reason.

    Crysis IS a game with extremely high graphics requirements. However, all games in every single mode/level/area will include some errors that pop up--the console view there is hardly different from any other game except that there's more to be missed. Most of the time you never notice the errors, some of them are purely academic and have no impact on the visuals whatsoever.

    I still fondly remember some of the stuff I'd see when looking through some old Tribes2 console items. I saw less red on my algebra tests and I SUCK at algebra. Still played the game well, never saw anything really 'wrong' with the graphics. Now, I won't defend Crysis for some truly lousy code mind you, but the stuff on the console? Yeah, every game does that to varying degrees.
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