Short mATX Intel mobo wanted.

I've posted here about planning to put a PC in my G4 case

but I'll ask this as a separate question.

This is a G4 quicksilver similar to mine, as you look at it in the pic, the lower left of the motherboard is virtually blank so that it doesn't hit the optical drive carrier when the door is closed. Fitting an mATX board in place of this means that the board capacitors hit the drive carrier and the case can't be closed without cutting back or removing the optical drive and carrier. Mini-ITX boards don't have the spec I want to make my PC at, so I'm looking for a short board to minimise the clash against the drive carrier.

I'm looking for a LGA775 board to run a Q6600 and PCI x16 for a graphics card. So far I've found the Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L to be the best and shortest board so far at 19.3cm, are there any other decent motherboards of the same length or shorter?
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  1. to me, it looks your going to have to loose the Optical or get a miniITX, there are some with PCIe x16 slots

    that blank area is were most put thier memory slots
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