Emachine 3200 power supply crackling noise??

My friend has an old crappy Emachines 3200 and the won't even turn on now! When i slowly insert the power plug, it will turn on/off very suddenly and make a crackling noise?? At the same time the cpu fan will turn on/off for 1 second and that's it. Also, i can see a green light come on the motherboard too. Before all this happened she told me the hd made a awful loud noise too. Do i need to get another power supply then or is the whole motherboard gone? Any help would be great.

Craig :ange:
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  1. Yup, sounds like the PSU blew.
    You can try replacing it but there is no guarentee that it did not take everything with it. You would probably be better upgrading to a new machine and trying to salvage the old hard drive.
  2. Slowly inserting the power plug into the PSU is a pretty darn stupid idea. Like this you make sure you get arching and powerspikes, making certain the PSU dies. Furthermore I would'nt be surprised if you at least killed the MB along with the PSU like that...
  3. mate, i didn't slowly put the plug in at first. My friend told me it was doing that already!! I will try another PSU but it does look like motherboard is a goner!!
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