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hi i have a gateway fx530xm the mother board is a Intel (Big Arm) 975X Viiv. the number on the board is d975xbg. i wanted to know if my board can run sli/crossfire video cards and yes the board has 2 pci-e slots. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. i finally got some information out of gateway and i can run sli cards the first time i tried they wanted me to pay for them to help me that didnt make me too happy because ive had bad experience with them because it took them two months to make and send my computer and then the sales rep promised me windows vista ultamate upgrade for free and they still wont send that to me.

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  2. It may be possible to run a Crossfire setup using your 2nd PCI-E x16 slot, but that slot will only run at X4 speed electrically. SLI using NVidia hardware will not run on your Intel board. Consider a new videocard such as an AMD 4850 if you need more video horsepower, and sell what you have now.
  3. gateway told me otherwise because its just an intel chipset manufactured by gateway
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