Gaming PC Specs -- $700-$900

This thread is for others to post there gaming PC that they built for around $700-$900. It is mostly for others that are new to building PC to get a look at what they need and should get.
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  1. I'm in the process of ordering and putting together a pc with these parts:

    Gigabyte p35-ds3l
    Intel q6600
    Seagate 7200.11 500GB
    MSI 8800GT OC
    Corsair VX550
    G.Skill 2x2gb ddr2 800
    Samsung 20x burner w/ lightscribe
    Arctic Cooling freezer 7pro
    Cooler Master Centurion 5

    Total: ~$800

    This seems to be a pretty standard setup for this price range around this forum, give or take a few components.
  2. Just a suggestion: maybe you should change the name of this thread to something a little more "Gaming PC Specs -- $700-$900"
  3. Just built PC for my brother to play CoD4 with me and various other games (oblivion, hellgate, overloard, the witcher, C&C3, Unreal 3, Quake Enemy Territory... the list goes on)

    Anyways here's what it consists of:

    Centurion 534
    OCZ 610w PSU
    GA P35 DS3L
    E2180 OC @ 3.0
    Evga 8600GT 256mb
    2x1gb ddr2 800 (G.Skill)
    250gb wd hdd (sata)
    sata dvd read/write (no lite scribe)

    He had keyboard, case (my old one), mouse, and monitor... total for that with shipping from new egg was like $500.

    With the extra $200 or so I could have gotten better video card 8800 or so, also could have included monitor in the price for that cost level. Didn't need to buy XP as I had an extra copy from an old computer, but could have afforded that... or nice keyboard/mouse... lots of options available for the extra money... but for $500 that PC rocks hard and plays most games with no problems whatsoever (we don't mind turning down settings) and his resolution is only 1280x1024 anyway, so the 8600 is fine.
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