I have 2 servers (Windows 2000 and Windows 2003) a modem and a linksys router. For the last 2 weeks the DHCP has been dropping every 12 or 24 hours. I went into the router which is the DHCP server and set the lease time to '365'. Well the 2000 server dropped about 7:00 pm last night. With error message: DHCP Lease for this IP address has been denied. The server sent a DHCPNACK MESSAGE. So everymorning I have to reset the router because noone can access the server or the internet.

What is the cause of the drop every day/night @ the same time?

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  1. Update the firmware on the router first to latest version.

    Model make and type would help for a start.
    Firmware version number etc

    Do both servers fail to renew dhcp - ie are both on dhcp
    More info the better.
  2. Have you checked the event log on the server and checked that it isnt the dhcp client service that has failed?

    Checked with microsoft any event log error number?

    If so have you check for failed startup and set the 3 entires to restart on failure?
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