Confusion about connecting hard drive to p5k se mb (newbie question)

Hi guys,

Today i built a new budget comp with a p5k se mb. Its definately a major upgrade from my previous mb which was p4p800-e deluxe.

Since i am VERY new to modern motherboards, I am a little confused about some things.

There is only one connection for IDE cable which left me thinking if there was a way to use my current old hard drive AND a cd drive at the same time without upgrading my harddrive?

That is not to say that my current hard drive doesn't work with the new mb, but the thing is, it uses the IDE connection which the cd drive also uses...

I was trying to connect the cd drive to the IDE cable made for hard drive, but when the comp starts up, it recognises the hard drive, but stops at black screen when trying to recognise the cd drive. I am assuming that it was expecting a second hard drive there instead i guess which is why it didn't make past that point.

Anyway my real questions are:

Is there a way i can use both, my cd drive and my oldish hard drive (which doesnt support modern connection it called SATA?) at the same time?

All i want to do for now is install drivers from my cds and get the wireless internet to work. Is there a temporary solution to this?

Help would be MOST appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. Check the jumper settings on the back of the hard drive and CD rom. There is a set of 8 pins on the back of the drives that will be next to the power connection with a jumper connecting two of them. Make sure that jumper is in the right position. Check the top of the drive for a diagram of which two pins are which. The device at the end of the cable must be set to "Master with slave present" and the device on the second connector should be set to slave. This should fix your problem.
  2. Yes they can both be connected, but you eithrt set one as Master and one as Slave, or both to CS (Cable Select) on an 80-wire cable.

  3. My recommendation is to get a sata hard drive at the earliest opportunity.
    But right now set the hard drive to master and the cd to slave.
  4. Excellent! I knew there would be a solution without needing to buy a new harddrive!

    Thanks Im gonna try that now!
  5. sigh this is so irritating...

    ive changed the jumper settings on both, the cd drive and the hard drive. Since the IDE connection on p5k se is so far to the left, I am forced to have hard drive as slave while cd as master or vice versa (according to manual, i can have cd drive set to slave with black connection and hard drive to master with grey connection).

    What is really frustrating is that, even though the cd drive opens and closes, the computer doesnt seem to be able to read the cd drive is there because as it tries to find it on boot up, the little grey dash "-" in the top left corner of the black screen continued to flash. If I only have the hard drive connected, it only flashes for a sec and continues to load as normal (with black screen still coz i got rid of the logo)

    This situation remains when i try to load the windows xp cd on boot up. I set cd drive as the first drive to boot up in the bios settings, but again as the computer passes the initial identifying of the drives (the very first time where the comp loads logo for a sec with the "...") it seems to run fine but then when the main loading starts (where the loading logo should be with a loading bar across the bottom) - my screen shows black as mentioned before due to no loading screen - the little grey dash "-" continues to flash at the top left corner. The led on cd drive turns green color and only in the end it starts to flash slowly and just turns off while the dash continues to flash.

    Ok so that is my problem with trying to have hard drive and cd drive working at the same time with one IDE wire labelled HD cable.

    Now another even worser problem and i think it involves reformating....

    Last nite i made a mistake of stopping the nvidia service (my video card is geforce 9600gt OC) to get rid of tray icon since logins kept loading EXTREMELY slowly and even freezing after about a min mainly when opening up web browser (everything just locks up while appearing normal in image quality).

    So after stopping the service, when ever the computer tries to boot up, the black screen is on for a lengthy time but then when the keyboard and laser mouse flash as well as the wireless adapter (indicating that the computer is about to load to the welcome screen), the video card goes quiet and soon after for a split second, BSOD appears with some kind of message (impossible to read coz its only there in a flash!) and the computer reboots again...

    Can this be linked with me stopping the start up service for the video card? (as mentioned before i stopped it because i thought the service was to do with the system tray icon).

    I must remind u again that the computer is completely new and I built it about 2 nites ago now.

    Just another quick question, does the mb support intel duo 2 e4600 (2.4ghz 800fsb)? It doesn't appear in the support list :/ i assumed the mb would simply support it and it worked fine on the day that i put my computer together..but still slow log in...

    What is worrying me is that I use twin ddr2 CM2X1024-8500C5D 1066mhz. I am worried that that might not be compatible with my cpu.

    Here are full specs:
    2gigs ddr2 CM2X1024-8500C5D 1066mhz
    2.4ghz intel duo core2 e4600
    geforce 9600gt
    Trimax PSU 600W (cheap generic brand i know but functional).

    Anyway, i know there are many problems i mentioned but I would really appreciate any solution for any of these problems! Im just so frustrated with all this :(
  6. ok update: used my friend's 10 year old harddrive and still reboots by itself but much faster. BSOD is still over in a flash. I think the secret to the problem lies in the message it gives. Im gonna try to use a camera to take a pic of it. Hope camera can capture the BSOD
  7. hmm cant capture the message on cam..its just tooo fast. im gonna have to take it to repair service it just doesnt work :'(
  8. I would try your friend's vid card to rule that out. Stopping a service shouldn't cause it to stop working. Have you tried booting in safe mode as well?

    If your friends hard drive boots faster, maybe yours is going bad. Is it very old? If it is within your budget, I would just grab a new hard drive. You can get a 160 GB for about $60. You'll spend at least that at a repair service. You might as well get a new hard drive out of it.
  9. Try running Memtest86+ from a boot CD. If that works and passes, try starting in Safe Mode. Event Viewer will give info from BSOD. From Safe Mode, Windows key + Pause/Break key (top right) will display System Properties. Advanced Tab - Startup and Recovery button, un tick Automatically Restart. If you can get to safe mode you could try a Repair Install Have you tried another IDE cable?

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