What drivers for my gaming rig?

Hey all,

I've just assembled my rig and installed Windows XP Pro 32bit. I've heard you shouldn't use the drivers shipped by the manufacturer, but instead to download them from the appropriate place online. Is there any truth to this? I want to use the most current/best drivers whichever that may be so it sounds right to me.

Also, in the event that I shouldn't use the CDs that were shipped with the equipment where would I find drivers for the motherboard and graphics card?


CPU: AMD Athlon II 620 Propus
MOBO: MSI-770-G45
GFX: XFX Radeon 5770
RAM: 4GB Corsair

Thanks for the info in advance!
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  1. Go to the manufacturer's website for the motherboard drivers; ie. (Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte...etc)

    Go to ATI or nVidia website for the video card.

    Drivers for hard drives and CD/DVD Drives, Floppy, USB are included with Windows.
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