E8400 Stock Cooler May Not Cut It.

Hi, I am getting an E8400 (45nm) and I am afraid that the stock cooler may not get me up to the 3.8 GHz to 4.0 ghz that I would like. So I would like to buy an aftermarket cooler. I am on a tight budget so can't afford anything above $30:

I am looking at the following : OCZ Vendetta, OCZ Vanquisher and Thermaltake CL-P0370 TMG i1. Links are below. I will be using the thermal paste that comes with the new cooler. Thanks in advance for your help.



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  1. Spend a couple of dollars more and you'll never regret it (free shipping too):

  2. Thanks, but not an option because the item is not available on amazon and it's a couple dollars that I don't have. Have seen some good reviews about the vendetta. What do you think? Thanks very much anyway for your reply.
  3. nice choice RJR.
    nvidia_guy is there a reason it has to be amazon?
  4. Well if it HAS to be one of those, I think your in good shape with the Vendetta. If the E8400 is an E0 stepping it requires low voltage, even at 3.8-4.0, so you shouldn't have any problems with heat. Here is a review, not the best one, but it does pretty good.

  5. Budget minded? I went with this cooler that's not pretty on the eyes but allowed me to take my E8200 from 2.6 -> 3.6. Full load is still at 55C so I even have a little more room if i wanted to up it some more.


    Read the reviews if you don't believe this is a sleeper CPU cooler.
  6. @roofus, it doesn't have to be amazon, but i am accustomed to using amazon. If need be I will buy from newegg though.

    @rjr: Thanks, I see that the Xigmatek Rifle is a really good cooler, but I may decide to go with the Vendetta for reasons you stated.

    @calinkula: Thanks to you too. Nice cooler, seems like it is really good for it's price.

    Any more suggestions/ comments, please post. Thanks!
  7. Thank you RJR also for that helpful link. Also, I have to remove the stock thermal compound before I put on the new one right?
  8. yes. get it as clean as humanly possible.
  9. Okay, thanks.
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