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Hey can some tell me if a 9600 gt will fit the pci x blue x16 slot without blocking the 6th sata port? My current p5k e wifi sata slot 1 i cant use because the evga 9600 gt blocks it. Can i use all six sata ports on the ich10r?
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  1. it depends on which version of the p5q you get. the pro version has a different layout than the p5q-e or p5q deluxe
  2. The P5q e version
  3. If the 9600GT is the same 228mm PCB size as the reference models it should fit.
    Video card is 9" long and motherboard is 9.6" wide.
  4. i have the p5q-e, my eVGA 8800GT blocks SATA port 4, the one that faces upwards.
  5. Ok thanks. Looks like the 8800gt and 9600 gt are around the same size so the port will be blocked
  6. i can take a pic of my board later tonight if you want to see. the 8800GT isn't blocking the port by that much. if you 9600 was just a tad shorter, it should clear the port.

    i'll post pics tonight.
  7. Cool thanks i appreciate that how do you like the board? What did you have before the prq e?
  8. so far, i'm loving it. i had a p5b deluxe before then, this new p45 chipset performs much better. i like the new additions for overclocking in the bios, and the board layout really rocks. ICH10 is a great improvement over ICH8.

    i switched out cuz my p5b went bad, but i don't regret it at all, it's a great value.
  9. Layout rocks, yet the port is blocked.
    OH! the IRONY.
  10. Some 8800GT cards use a shorter board than the reference board. This one
    is only 71/4 - 71/2 inches long. $157.99 after rebate
  11. Hey pinaplex there are 2 additional sata ports (one is orange and one is white) the ones that support the drive xpert. Do you know if they can be used as just sata drive without that xpert function?
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