Installed Samsung SSD into Lenovo T400. Transfer rate 45MB/s WHY?

Hi I have installed 128Gb Samsung SSD MMCQE28GFMUP into Lenovo T400. Lenovo has SATA with up to 3GB/s interface, SSD according to the manufacturer datasheet has 200-220 MB/s transfer rate.

I used Passmark software to measure my old HDD and the new SSD. The transfer rates for read and write are close to each other and for SSD it is arount 45 MB/s.

The BIOS SATA set to AHCI. The disk manufactured in Sep 08.
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  1. If you just want useless raw throughput numbers, try benchmarks like HDTune and HDTach instead. That's usually where the advertised (sustained) transfer rate comes from.
    A more meaningful real-world drive simulation benchmark that's still comparable would be PCMark Vantage (HDD suites). Applicable performance numbers to daily tasks.
  2. Ok. I'll try what you suggest. But my point was that SDD throughput is +10% to the HDD throughput.

    Although I can agree that test can be different but I thought two disks can be compared pretty accurate using same test however meaningless the absolute numbers are.... No?
  3. HDTach doesnt work on my Windows7
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    HDTune should, or ATTO.

    Basically test on the filesystem, all those benchmarks that don't test on the filesystem may yield incorrect results (meaningless numbers).
  5. Yeah. that made huge difference. HDTune shows SSD Avg transfer rate 140Mb/s, my desktop Raid0 and Raid1 both have around 75-77.
  6. Cheers. :)
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