Will an 8800GT card fit into a Dell Inspiron 530s slim case?


I have a dilemma - I want to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 530s (with a slim case) with an 8800GT graphics card. I looked into this and found a forum thread on this website about this very issue, but I couldn't get a proper conclusion from it. The card I'm looking to get is a "GeForce 8800 GT 512MB GDDR3 HDTV/DVI (PCI-Express)". Now, does the "PCI-Express" bit mean it will fit into my computer? Here's what someone said in the older post:

Hold it! I actually work as a sales rep for Dell. You have more options! The 530s has low profile, it is true. But it is PCIexpress, not PCI...

Does this mean that a "PCI-Express" graphics card will fit my slim case? I don't really want to move my entire computer to a new, bigger case because I don't understand how a computer is built and some friends did not recommend doing so.

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  1. #1) I doubt it will fit.
    #2) I doubt the PSU is strong enough to handle it.

    Something like this may work....

    The linked card is "Low Profile" so it's designed for "Slim" cases.

    This will be a huge upgrade over embedded graphics, but it's not massively powerful. But it was the best "Low Profile" card on NewEgg that I found.
  2. I’m not very good at what each part of the computer does. What exactly is the PSU? My friends tell me my computer would be fine to run this card - but the only problem appears to be if it will fit or not. I really want to get this upgrade and if I really need to, I’m willing to move the computer into a bigger case to facilitate the card. Do you mean that even if I was to move to a bigger case it might not work?
  3. Well if your Power Supply Unit is strong enough, then you can move it to a bigger case.
  4. No the 530"s" is the slimline version, which means no full height cards only half height (low profile). I think the fastest you can get is a 4670 low profile but it's hard finding one. Plus an 8800GT won't be powered by the PSU. Pretty sure its a 250W right?
  5. I had the same problem (upgrading video card in an Inspiron 530S), and I highly recommend the Sapphire low-profile HD 4650.


    $55 (!)

    It runs off the installed 250W PSU without strain, runs cool and quiet, and installing it was just a matter of downloading the latest drivers from the ATI site and popping the card into the slot. And it eats up games. I can play COD4 & 5, Mercs 2 on high at 1440x1050 and getting 30+ fps, etc. etc. I haven't found a game yet I can't play.

    Note: I don't know what your computer has under the hood -- you don't say. Mine has the Core 2 Duo E8400 w/ 3GBs RAM. But read the reviews and see how it does on systems comparable to yours. (There're 90+ reviews, and a majority of the purchasers seem to have been looking for a good card to fit a slim factor, off-the-shelf Dell, etc. And found it. But look for yourself.)
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