Thermaltake Armor series: good cases?

I'm looking to buy a new case. After taking a look at the Coolermaster Cosmos RC-1000 and the NZXT Zero. I decided they're not for me. The cosmos being too overpriced, heavy and having pathetic air cooling performance. The Zero was just too flimsy and also suffered from bad HDD cooling.

Now I'm considering a Thermaltake case. The case in question is the Thermaltake VA8003SWA Aluminium Armour Super Tower - Silver.

Since this case is made from aluminium. I'd appreciate any input from owners of such cases about aluminum cases and how sturdy and quiet they are when compared to steel cases.

I'd be grateful for any info/advice regarding this case in general and compared to the other 2 cases I mentioned. I'm looking for air cooling performance a nice spacious interior and low weight.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have the Black Thermaltake Armor and ts by far the base case i have ever came in contact with. I will have no hesitation to buy Thermaltake products in the future. If you can go in store somewhere to have a look at it before you buy I would highly recommend it. A bit on the heavy side but a great overall case.
  2. They're fine, if you don't mind the two completely useless flaps on the front getting in your way.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm looking at the silver aluminum model which is 8KG compared to the 16KG weight of the black painted steel model. How easy is it to keep the cables nice in tidy in such a case? Got any photos of your own?
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