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I want to overclock my computer but I am worried about the temp inside my case and the temp of my hard drives. The temp inside my case is 50C, the cpu temp is 30C and the 1 hard drive temp that it shows is over 50C. I have 2 500gb hard drives in raid and a 1tb hard drive I use for storage. All the hard drive are side by side but not touching. I have aftermarket coolers on my cpu and my graphics card a big fan at the back and a little one in front of the hard drives and the case seems to have good air flow. The air coming out of the case is not hot at all and its a little surprising how hot the readings are. any help would be really appreciated.

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  1. Where is the temp probe that is taking the 50C reading for your case? If the air in your case is actually 50C, I'm not sure how the CPU is 30C.

    I would suspect that the front of your case is hotter than where the mobo/CPU/GPU are located.

    If you have good airflow (front/side/rear fans?) I see no reason why you couldn't OC, at least a little.
  2. i think it might be a problem with the hard drives getting that hot and thats where the censor might be. any suggestion to fix my hard drive heating problem? also airflow near the front might be a problem since its such a little fan.
  3. 50C usually isn't hot enough to cause things to stop working. Do you have an intake fan at the front of the case that blows across the hard drives? That could lower the hard drive temps, but would push hotter air towards the mobo/CPU/GPU. Good exhaust fans and side intake fans would create enough airflow to limit that from causing any problems though.
  4. Pull the side off your case and blow a house fan into the side. If you see temps go down, you have an airflow problem. I would be willing to bet that if you have an intake fan blowing over your hard drives, it isn't a very good fan. Either way, you need to get a fan for the drives...that should be all you need.
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