Hardware malfunction

I posted this in the GPU section before, but I thought maybe the issue is larger.

I just built a system for the first time. It’s pretty nice, but when I enable SLI, I start to get stuttering and occasionally a BSOD that says: ***Hardware Malfunction / Call your hardware vendor for support / ***The system has halted***

Now this happens when there is usually no load on the computer. The BSOD happens when it’s idling or whenever, it’s completely unpredictable. The only time I’ve managed to predict is when I use the Nvidia System Monitor and switch to different components, it will usually freeze for a moment while the sound stutters and within a couple seconds resumes its task.

The PC specs are in my profile.

Also, are there any good programs for hardware diagnostics like this? Something that will tell me if a particular component is flawed.

Gary Knowlton
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  1. I'm not familiar with dual card set-ups, however, It may be the PCI connector on the second card thats faulty, or the second card itself (of course I am presuming that it runs fine with one card on?).
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