Slaving an IDE drive to a SATA system

Several months ago I burned some drives. In a moment of confusion I tried to plug some IDE drives into a live computer. Sparks flew and the drives no longer worked.

I replaced the drives with two SATA drives. The motherboard seems fine, and has been running for several months now off the SATA drives.

I would like to plug the IDE drives back in and see if there is any salvageable data on them.

How can I get the IDE drives up and running so I can view them through Windows? Currently I'm running Windows 7, and the rest of my computer information should be in my profile.
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  1. First, shut the computer down. If you have an IDE optical drive, make sure its on Master. Jumper the drives one at a time as a slave, and try them.
  2. The IDE drive doesn't appear in the BIOS menu. I'm thinking this might mean it's fried for good, but I can't tell for sure.
  3. If the jumpers are correct and its not in the bios, the PCB is fried. If you can find an identical drive and swap the PCBs over, it could work. It does need to be IDENTICAL however.
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    Well, if you do not see it in the bios and it is jumpered right(you can try it as master or with no jumpers as the only device on the cable), then its most likely toast.
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