Need help finding card. (decodes1080i/p 720p videos smoothly)

Hey guys,

A long time ago, DivX and Xvid were like the MP3 Version of DVD movies. The thing is, before HD came out, they were 'easy' to decode.

You can just have a standard computer and a standard video card, and when you play the Video/Movie, *It will run smooth.

HOWEVER, Ever since HD came out, I noticed that trying to watch an HD Video (720 or1080) that *IF you DONT have a good video card, the movie will play very 'choppy'.

Here is my concern:

I purchased this video card, that is supposedly to be very good. However it was 256 MB . But it was still sorta choppy.
ATI Radeon HD2400Pro Overclocked 256MB AGP Videotek

Here is a cheaper video card that is 512 MB, and this one played the files almost perfectly.
XFX GeForce 6200 512MB

I'm purchasing a new MOBO now so I need a new video card that will DECODE Compressed HD Videos almost perfectly.

I'm thinking about purchasing:

EVGA GeForce 8600GT 256MB

ASUS EN8500GT TOP/HTP/256M GeForce 8500GT 256MB

What do you guys think?
These cards are only 256MB, and last time 256MB didn't run smoothly.
But these cards are highly rated on newegg.

Would one of those cards work?
Should I stick to 512 MB cards?
Is that the common denominator or did I just get a crappy 256 MB card last time?
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  1. First what is your motherboard and CPU ?

    Second the card you listed are better than HD2400pro and 6200 but for HD playback, go with ATI. Take an HD3650 for example.

    Depending of the CPU, your can even take an HD34xx.

    If your buying a new mobo, you can also take a look of them with a 780G on it. Tom's test it for playback of HD movie with a small sempron 3000+ and it run fine. Considering that chipset had a HD3200 inside, any card in the HD3xxx series should do the job. Your wallet is the limit.

    From what you said you're not a gamer, so you can go cheap with this mobo and this CPU

    With wista you can do hybrid crossfire with a HD3450, if you need more power.

    Take a look at this article,1785.html
  2. I was actually thinking about purchasing either a Gigabyte

    1.GA-965P-DS3 $90

    2.GA-P35-DS3L $90

    3.GA-P35-DS3R $120

    Also between the processors I was leaning towards:

    1. Allendale E2160 -> E2220 $60-80
    2. E6300 $154
    3. E6420 $180

    So i'm going to get something around that range

    You recommended the HD3650. I think it's a PCI 2.0 express which i can't use. I actually found this card: Tell me what you think, if I were to get this card with one of those Mobo's I listed:

    Asus Geforce 8500GT 512MB

    Would this be okay with the mobo? Its sold at a very good price plus its 512 MB...
  3. The 8500GT is a crappy card. At least take a 8600GT, with DDR3 or an 8800GS. 512Mb of DDR2 really not worth it...

    The fact about the PCi-e 2.0 is that speed is auto negotiated between the chipset and the card. A PCI-e 2.0 card works fine with a chipset PCI-e v1.

    For the mobo, at least take a P35, the 965 is an old chipset. The gigabyte board overclock well, if you want, with a E2160. You can push the CPU to 3GHz with a aftermarket cooler.

    For the video, if you’re going to play HD movies on your PC, a card with HD decoding support is preferable. The HD3xxx series of ATI are very good in that field.

    If the price is a limit take a look at this one IMO this card is better for your needs.

    Remember, the worst card for HD decoding you choose, the better the CPU should be because the entire job will remain on it.
  4. Hey Thanks for the advise! you just saved me from crappy card, because I was going to order it soon.

    PCI 2.0 working on my soon to be P35 board:

    This actually brings up my ORIGINAL card i really wanted that I tossed out because it was 2.0 PCI.

    It is actually the HD3650 as you recommended but MSI style.

    its the HD3650 MSI Radeon HD 512MB

    Its' DDR2, but I dont know I just kinda drawn towards that card. I hope this one would do... I don't meet to keep on mentioning cards that you don't specifically link but I'm kinda stubborn a little :)

    So looks like i'm going to purchase that card or the last one you linked


    What about power supply requirements?

    I have a 350 Watt power supply, do you recommend I purchase a new one when I get the board?

    Thanks a million! this is real good information i'm learning here...
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