What is GTG?

I keep seeing LCD monitors that say in their specs: 5 ms, 2 ms (GTG)

What does it mean?
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  1. I'm not 100% sure but I believe GTG is the gray to gray response time whilst other have different response times. So if a monitor is advertised with 5ms gtg it may have a higher practical response time. I think GTG is typically faster although I'm not sure what practical difference their is.

    I think the other type is back to black or something, which measures how long it takes for the pixel to go from black to white to black again, which I think is more practical.
  2. Zellix is on the mark...

    GTG is the time it take a pixel on the panel to change from GREY to WHITE then back to GREY. This time is typically a shorter time than other scales, hence why they use it ... it a marketing thing.

    Some manufacturers will still list BTB which is BLACK to WHITE to BLACK typically longer time.

    Anything with 8ms GTG or below will be low enough for games and movies.
  3. Grey to Grey, sometimes even referred to as "Good to Go" only for gaming
  4. If I'm playing fast paced games like cs:go will there be that much of a difference if I am playing on a 1ms monitor compared to a 6 or 7 ms monitor?
  5. Different monitor brands measure the response time differently (in terms of how many shades of grey they test between), and possibly use different formulas to distill it down to a single number, making it a mostly useless specification for comparing monitors, except in the case of monitors that list it as being 15 ms or higher, which are not suited for gaming. If you can find some reviews of the monitors you're considering that actually show the different GTG response times, including RTC overshoot percentages and RTC overshoot recovery times, that may help you compare them better.
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