Computer to TV through coax

I'm not sure exactly what the best option is, but I want to run audio and video through coax out of a computer into a TV.

What I've been thinking of doing is getting an RF converter and running S-Video from my video card and then using RCA for audio, with a miniplug to RCA cable coming from computer sound.

So, that means I'd get an RF modulator, an RCA/S-Video cable, and a converter from the computer's audio outs to RCA.

As I understand it, the RF modulator is able to use the S-video and RCA audio (as opposed to the RCA video and audio only or S-video only).

I just want to make sure I can make it work. As far as I understand it, TV tuners are not going to work, but I'm not well versed with them.

Thanks for any help given.
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  1. I think I understand what you are trying to do.

    you will need the following:

    vid card with s-vid out (or composite, s-vid preffered)
    rf mod that accepts s-vid (or composite, match your card) and audio.
    cables to connect them (usually just an s-vid cable and whatever audio cable is required).
    and of course the coax.


    if your tv supports it, go HDMI. you will need a vid card with HDMI w/sound (either built into card, or header for input), and an HDMI cable the appropriate length. you will get MUCH better video quality this way.

    OR... if your tv has DB15 or dvi input, you can go that route. just need the approriate card (video), and a cabling to go from pc to tv..

    I would do the HDMI route if possible.
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