Mobo in, installed drivers from disc DOA

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After a pain in the neck ( see above later in the discussion) getting Win Xp Pro installed, I added all my components to my build. All was going fine. XP booted, everything working but the board drivers// Ethernet, Audio, etc.

As per recommendations, I then placed that DRIVERS and other software disc ( from the INtel Board box) into the DVD rom and let it do it's thing. I watched it start it's install, and it ran a minute. Part of the install had an AUTO reboot- and then boom BSOD. Now WIN don't boot from the HDD and the dvd drive keeps running. It's been on over an hour so I'm not sure if it still is adding files or not. It runs, stops, runs. I was afraid to shut it down during that operation.

After a good hour or more, the dvd drive stopped. Now WIN won't boot. SO do I have to reinstall WIN again? Could that Intel installation of programs and drivers do this damage?

RAM 2Gb 667DDR2
Vid card 8500GT

Anybody else have such problems?
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  1. On BSOD, write down the 0x000000?? & any offending file name, and google them.

    If it's a fresh install, might as well redo it.
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