hello sir.....

i bought a intel core i3 processor of dell company.....
i bought window 7 with that. now i want to use window xp as well as window 7.
because i need that for some software working well which is not working in window 7.
so can i use window xp nd how can i???
plz help me regarding that....

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  1. As far as I know, if you want to have a dual boot system on a single hard drive, then you must install them in order from the oldest to newest.

    I believe your only option at this point with Win7 already installed is to add a second boot drive made bootable to XP.

    I am not absolutely certain of this so you would be smart to go to Microsoft's website to do a bit of research or ask their tech support, or check this article;


    Best of luck and cheers!
  2. Yes, you can still set up a dual boot system on the system. Follow method #2 in this guide.
  3. Nice aford! I now have this bookmarked. The one time I attempted to install a dual boot setup without the oldest OS first, no one was able to point me to a fix.

    Cheers mate!
  4. Happy to help :)
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