E5200 OC Problem! A Serious One.

This is my first OC attempt and everything went "well". I OC'ed to 3.1ghz instead of the 2.5 stock. Im using a multiplier of 10 at 300.

Two problems...

I cannot manually change the vcore using the bios, i can only monitor the voltage(asus board)

When im OC'ed, my network adapter IS NOT RECOGNIZED under the device manager, therefore no internet access.

I thought this was a fluke, i restarted, same problem. So then i changed the bios back to default and what do ya know? Network adapter was there again and everything worked perfectly. So i repeated the OC and sure enough, no network adapter.

Asus uses an on-board network adapter. I am not messing with any other voltages so no power settings have been changed. I really do not understand this what so ever.
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  1. Your OC is not stable live with it
  2. haha wow...um ok? thanks for the great response. i was doin some research, and since i modified my FSB, i would have to up the frequencies for other devices, i.e. RAM network adapter, stuff like that.

    am i correct or not?
  3. we dont know what your motherboard is so it very hard for any one to offer advice
  4. oh ok, its an Asus but i im not sure of the exact model i'll post it later on tonight when i get home.
  5. No offence, but you got response equal to the information provided. Asus board, lol. They make more than one, so kindly provide model. After the OC, did you prime-test the system?
  6. No i didnt. I just wanted to go through the steps and see how easy/hard it was going to be. i stress tested the cpu and everything was cool i didnt get any errors. but like i said the only problem was with the network adapter.

    i will get the model number when i get home.
  7. i was checking out the newbie overclocking thread and on one of the screenshots that shows CPU-Z is kind of confusing. Should the CPU be running at the new FSB and multiplier AT ALL TIME? Even at idle? or is it only when there is a load? like running a game or something?
  8. If you have C1E or Speedstep enabled, which are power saving features than the multiplier should drop to x6 when cpu is idle
  9. leave c1E and or speedstep off when you are overclocking however cause then when the chip goes to trottle back because you are not using the standard voltage for the chip the OC could become unstable
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