Mobo fan replacement?

My northbridge fan on my old motherboard has died. As it is still a very good PC, I am leaving it here for my friends to play in LAN parties. However, I don't want it to die because the northbridge overheated. So, my question is, can I get a fan replacement? If so, I suppose I'd need a matching size-how can I figure out what size the fan is?

Lastly, can anyone help me figure out what my motherboard actually is? I know it's from Soyo, and it has "Dragon" somewhere in the name. CPU-z gives me a model number of: SiS-645-961B, but I can't find that on the Soyo website. It's a socket 478.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Actually, I think I've found the motherboard here!
  2. Any suggestions?
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