Usb keyboard fails during win xp reinstall

Hello, I have a very screwed up Win XP computer and am trying to reinstall XP from the CD. I changed the boot order to boot from CD and everything goes fine, files load etc. It asks a few questions during the loading which I answer and all goes fine. Then after it loads the files it finally asks 'are you sure you want to proceed' but at that point everything USB fails including the keyboard, so I can't tell it Yes to proceed. There is no other port to plug in an input device other than the 6 usb ports. Is there a way to get around this? I have tried everything I can find with no luck.
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  1. Sounds like you need to re-enter your BIOS and enable support for USB Keyboard. I have been seeing this option in BIOS setups for some time now, so unless yours is a very old motherboard you should be in luck. Failing that you would need to borrow an old PCI keyboard.

    Best of luck and cheers!
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